Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Tuition-free. Weber Online Elementary is a tuition-free Utah public school open to all Utah residents. As a public school, Weber Online Elementary is funded through Utah taxpayer dollars.

Utah Residents: To enroll in Weber Online Elementary (K-6) students must be Utah residents. If you meet the Utah residency requirements governed by the Utah State Board of Education, you are eligible to attend. Proof of residency is required during registration.

Many Types: Many types of students thrive in our elementary school. Some of these include:

  • Students who need a quiet, distraction-free environment to focus on their studies
  • Previously home-schooled students who like a connection to classroom teacher and classmates
  • Students whose families desire complete transparency regarding curriculum
  • Students whose families want to ensure a safe learning location
  • Students with chronic conditions, such as migraines, ADD, ADHD
  • Students with medical conditions that require significant time away from home
  • Athletes who travel and compete nationally and internationally
  • Students who benefit from individualized instruction
  • Professional actors and dancers
  • Advanced learners
  • Students whose families travel extensively

Leadership Development for Students: Weber Online Elementary is a Leader in Me school. Our teachers are training in the Franklin Covey 7 Habits and infuse these habits and lessons into their curriculum daily. Students learn to be leaders of themselves and others as they incorporate the habits in to their lives and take on leadership opportunities virtually and at our in-person events.

Flexible: Students and families enjoy a high-level of flexibility while also having a high level of support. Teachers work with students to help them set a daily schedule that works well for them. Students will attend a live virtual class for 1 hour per day, attend 1 hour of virtual personalized instruction for 1 hour per day, and then have the flexibility to complete online learning experiences how and where it is convenient for them.

The Highest Quality Research-based Programs: Teachers utilize the following programs to provide personalized instruction for each student. Students have access to these programs for no cost.

English Language Arts:
- Journeys
- Imagine Learning
- Lightbox
- RAZ Kids

- Engage NY
- Zearn
- XtraMath

-Mystery Science

- Meet the Masters

Now: Students can enroll now for the 22-23 school year and during the first two weeks of each quarter. When enrolling, students must commit to staying through the end of the current school year. 

Online or In-Person: We look forward to welcoming you to our school community! Parents and guardians can find the enrollment process on this website, email Enrollment Specialist Julie Dickamore at judickamore@wsd.net, or  contact the Weber Online Main Office at 801-622-3580. 

No: Weber Online Elementary classes provide a robust true school experience- just online. Curriculum is created daily by instructors and adjusted based on students’ needs. Several software programs are used to support this instruction but are not the main teaching method. Students interact with their teacher and classmates each day, enjoy the highest quality grade-level instruction and personalized instruction each day. In-person optional activities and field trips are also offered.

Yes: Weber Online Elementary teachers are all certified, highly qualified, and have online elementary teaching experience. Students are assigned to a teacher and a virtual classroom. Teachers create all of the digital learning experiences for students and provide live instruction for each student for two hours per day.

Yes, if you want only online experiences: All grade-level learning experiences are provided digitally during daily virtual classes and through our online learning management system. However, optional in-person fieldtrips, family nights, and social events are offered frequently. 

A Well-Rounded Educational Experience: It is our belief that students need a well-rounded educational experience that provides the highest quality core and supplementary learning experiences. The Weber Online Elementary curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, and PE. Weber Online Elementary is also a Leader in Me school that provides leadership instruction and experiences for all students.

Yes: Each student will need a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook in order to access class daily. Chromebooks are preferred and are available for checkout through Weber Online at no cost for students. These devices may be picked up at our location in Ogden, Utah, and must be returned there at the end of the school year. Chromebooks may not be mailed or shipped.

Virtual Class: Through years of experience we have learned that students do best with a strong connection to their teacher and class and at least some direct instruction. Because of this Weber Online Elementary students spend 1 hour per day in virtual class receiving grade-level instruction and 1 hour in small-group personalized instruction. They then complete online learning experiences through our learning management system. 

Virtual Class and Online Learning Experiences: Weber Online Elementary is required to collect and record data that substantiates the attendance and academic progress of our students. Students enrolled in Weber Online Elementary are required to attend virtual class and complete work through our learning management system daily. Students who have not logged into their courses for 10 consecutive days without notifying the principal may be considered truant and may be dropped from Weber Online Elementary.

Relationships are Important: Students have the opportunity to interact with their peers and their teacher each day through virtual classes. Weber Online also offers optional in-person PE and art classes monthly as well as frequent in-person fieldtrips.

Clubs and Activities: Weber Online Elementary offers an online theater club and online coding club for students K-6. These clubs meet online to complete performances and projects. Each classroom teacher also provides many virtual field trips and virtual social activities throughout the year.

Yes: Assignments are open for two weeks. During this time students can work with teachers to work ahead prior to needing time off or plan to finish past coursework within the allowed two week window.

Full-Time Counselor: Weber Online has a full-time counselor. Parents and guardians work with the counselor to determine what services are appropriate.

Assigned Special Education Teacher: Special Education services are provided by a designated special education teacher either virtually or in person at a school located within the Weber County School District boundaries in Ogden, UT. Parents and guardians work with the special education teacher to determine what works best.

504 Accommodations are Followed: Weber Online Elementary teachers provide 504 accommodations. The school administrator and a counselor are available to review 504 plans for online learning and to update plans as needed.

Full-Time: Weber Online Elementary requires full-time enrollment. Previous home-school students have found great success with Weber Online Elementary because of our robust curriculum, flexible schedule, and opportunity for parent involvement.  Parents wanting to be highly involved in their child’s education can even volunteer for online classroom parent opportunities.

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