Weber Online K-6 offers families a public school option in your home environment. Weber Online K-6 is a public school held to all rules and governance as other public schools in the State of Utah.


Hi students! Welcome to Weber Online.

To access your course please go to:

How to Log In

Your username and password will be the same as you use at your school.  If you have forgotten what your password or username is, please see contact your advisor/teacher.

Things to Remember

Check your student email often. This is the main method of correspondence between your teacher and you.

Stay active in the course.

Take the course in steps and try to work in the course a little every day.

Email your teacher with questions/concerns.

Your teacher is there to help you succeed.

Weber Online Course Info

Once logged into the course you can find information about how to contact your teacher under “Course Information”.

To find your course, click on the “myCourses” button near the top of the page. It will pull down a menu of all your current online courses.

To begin the course look on the right hand side under “Content Overview”. It begins with a syllabus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your teacher through the course information section.

Weber Online Policies & Information Manual

Should you have questions about Weber Online, please look through this manual. It also includes a “troubleshooting” section if you are experiencing technical difficulties. It can be found at:  Weber Online Handbook