(If you are interested in enrolling as a full time student in Weber Online, please see your counselor.)

To enroll in a course through Weber Online partial schedule follow the steps below.

For Grades 7-8: please click this website and follow the instruction to learn more about our school and/or to sign up: Click Here...


For Grades 9-12:

  1. Review the available courses. If you are in grades 9-12 you are eligible to take online courses. Begin by reviewing the available courses by clicking on the courses link under the "grades 9-12" in the menu on the left with your counselor.
  2. Choose your courses. Examine the course list found by clicking the "Courses" link  and decide which courses you would like to enroll in.
  3. Schedule a meeting with your counselor. Once you have chosen your courses, contact your school counselor and schedule a Student Education and Occupation Plan (SEOP). Your parent, or guardian must approve your enrollment in an online course so plan on having them with you when you meet for your SEOP.

4.  Once enrolled, read a short Weber Online "Welcome" introductory page found here:  (click here) and then go to http://canvas.wsd.net to access your online course.