To be eligible for the Driver Education Program you must be 15 years old to apply.  By applying you certify that you will be able to show proof of age at any time during the course.

This course is only offered to Weber School District students.

High School

Bonneville High School
Canyon View School
Fremont High School
Roy High School
Two Rivers High School
Weber High School
Home School

Junior High

Canyon View School
North Ogden Junior High
Orion Junior High
Rocky Mountain Junior High
Roy Junior High
Sand Ridge Junior High
Snowcrest Junior High
South Ogden Junior High
T H Bell Junior High
Wahlquist Junior High
Canyon View School
Home School


Weber Online and this Driver Education course are state accredited. The DMV will recognize this course as fulfilling the classroom portion of Driver Education.


Road and Range courses need to be scheduled with your current school or a 3rd party company.


This online theory portion of the course is offered at a cost of $35.00 to students.


Testing and Proctoring should be completed at our proctoring facilities. If distance and travel create a problem please speak with our Weber Online Secretary, Tami Foit to make other arrangments.  We have several options including an online/at-home test.

Tami Foit
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