In a study done by a graduate student at Illinois State University, it was determined that students having good online teachers exemplified increased student learning through interaction, participation, and discussion. (Collins-Brown, Elaine, 2006) We realize that good teachers are a must so we selected the best teachers out of hundreds so that your child will receive the best online education. Weber Online teachers are flexible, caring, and understand how to teach courses online.

Studies have shown that students who take online learning courses exhibit independent learning styles compared to those students that took classes in the on-campus model. (Diaz, David P. & Cartnal, Ryan, B.; 1999) Weber Online courses meet the independent learning styles that students exhibit. Our staff understands the flexibility and independence parents and students desire as students take courses online.

School counselors, school administrators, and parents working together can create a higher level of student success and can increase the overall effectiveness of learning. (Stone, Carolyn B. & Clark, Mary A.; 2001) Our counselors in connection with Weber School District's Online Studies Facilitator help you as a parent guide your child through a career path that best suites your child's needs according to their career goals through the SEOP process.


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