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Our school

Weber Online K-8 offers families a public school option in your home environment.  Weber Online K-8 is a public school held to all rules and governance as other public schools in the State of Utah.

Weber Online K-6 Contacts

  • Karla Porter, Administrator

  • Roxie Sianez, Secretary

  • Jenny Ross, Advisor


Weber Online registration and enrollment begins on March 15th  and ends on October 1st.

Enrollment Process 

Step 1: 
Read the Weber Online Handbook

Step 2:
If you feel that Weber Online is a good fit for your student, and you are committed to completing one academic school year with Weber Online, complete the online registration at  Registration steps can be found below.

  • Click on the link below.
  • Fill in your (parent) information, not your child’s information.
  • When you finish, take the short survey and press “Next.”
  • Fill in the information for your student.  Please be sure to select Weber Online School and fill out the information on all pages. (You will need to press Next Step to progress through all of the tabs on the left side of the page.) 
  • Eventually you will be asked if you want to submit your application.  You must press the Submit button or we will not receive your application. 

If at any time you need assistance during this process, please contact Jenny Ross at 801-686-1192.

Step 3:
Gather the required documentation. 

  • Official Birth Certificate - We will make a copy in our office and give you back the original.  If mailed, we will make a copy and return the original to you. 
  • Current immunizations or signed exemption form. (Must be the original form.)  Information on immunizations and exemption certificates are available at your local Public Health Department. See detailed information at or call 801-538-9450
  • Release of Student Records form. 
  • Proof of residence (example: utility bill) to verify the current address
  • Student Information Form
  • Student Medical Information Form
  • Home Language Survey
  • Weber Online Signature Form
  • If applicable, special education paperwork (IEP) or 504 Plan.

Step 4: 
Submit the documentation in person to Roxie Sianez at the Weber School District offices.

Weber School District   

c/o Roxie Sianez
5320 Adams Avenue Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405


Once we have received ALL of your child’s paperwork, an enrollment counselor will contact you to set up an in person screening interview.  This will give you the opportunity to learn about the program and see if it is a good fit for your child.  If the team decides the program would be a good fit, the enrollment counselor will assist you in completing registration and ordering materials.

Returning Students

Returning students will receive priority to register for the next school year.  Your Weber Online advisor will help you through this process at the end of the year.

Students who have not completed one academic year of growth, failed to attend testing sessions, or who have demonstrated unsatisfactory progress/attendance may be denied continued enrollment in Weber Online.

Course Placement

Once all paperwork is completed and submitted, you will receive a call from a placement counselor who will assist you in selecting courses for your student.  Upon completion of the enrollment conference, you will receive a curriculum order verification form via email from your enrollment advisor.   Please be sure to check this order form closely.  Once materials are ordered, we will not be able to change or add courses for your student.   After approving the curriculum order, you should expect to receive course materials approximately two weeks before the first day of school or four to six weeks after the date that your enrollment is completed and approved, whichever is later.


Weber School District partners with the K12 Company to provide your online curriculum. 

Students may choose among the following options: 

Course Options

  • Grades K – 2
    Standard Courses (may take all three)
    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
  • Grades 3 – 6
    Standard Courses (may take all 4)
    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science  (Grades 4 – 6 take Utah Science)
    • Social Studies
  • Elective Courses (may choose 1)
    • Music
    • Art
    • Foreign Language (French, German, Latin or Spanish)

Families must accept the responsibility to return K12 materials upon the completion of the course or end of the school year. 









Lang. Arts

Language Arts Blue


Language Arts Green

Language Arts Orange

Language Arts Purple

Language Arts Red

Language Arts Yellow

Language Arts Sixth Grade


Math Plus Blue


Math Plus Green


Math Plus Orange

Math Plus Purple UT

Math Plus Red UT

Math Plus Yellow UT

Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra






Utah Science 4

Utah Science 5

Utah Science 6







American History A

American History B

Utah History





Utah Studies 4









American Art A

American Art B


See music placement chart



Attendance Policy

Weber Online School is required to collect and record data that substantiates the attendance and academic progress of our students. Students enrolled in the Weber Online School are required to log 180 school days between the first and last day of school for the Weber School District.  In order to reach their benchmarks, students should plan on spending the equivalent of a full school day, five days a week, actively working on coursework. Students who have not logged into their courses for 10 consecutive days without notifying their Weber Online Advisor will be considered truant and will be dropped from the Weber Online School. 

School Calendar

Weber Online follows the Weber School District Calendar.  Families can follow the district calendar or customize their school schedule to meet their unique needs.  Students enrolled in the Weber Online School must log 180 days between the first and last day of school for Weber School District. Weber Online Advisors will be available for assistance from August 1st through June 1st.

Dual Enrollment

Students may be dual enrolled at their Weber School District neighborhood school and Weber Online as long as a mutual agreement is reached between the neighborhood school and the Weber Online Administrator.  A student may not be enrolled in the same course in Weber Online and the neighborhood school.

Home School Exemption

If your student is taking less than 100% of their course work with Weber Online, you will need to select the link below, print the exemption form, complete the exemption and return it to Students Services at the Weber School District Offices.


Responsibilities of the Teaching Adult (Learning Coaches)

All parents who enroll students in Weber Online must provide their child(ren) with a teaching adult at home.  Teaching adults must be willing to commit to the following responsibilities:

  • Help the student complete 180 days of online school attendance between the first and last day of school.
  • Communicate with the Weber Online Advisor weekly via email and monthly via phone.
  • Monitor the progress of your student.
  • Transport the child to testing sites for state and district administered assessments.

Weber School District will assign an advisor to you, who is certified by the State of Utah. Your relationship with this advisor is crucial to the online schooling process.  Communicating with your child’s advisor is critical to the success of your online student.  The advisor is your primary source of communication between you, Weber School District and K12. Responding to weekly emails and monthly phone calls will help provide you with useful information regarding the school, curriculum, progress, activities and assessment events.  The parent is responsible to provide the advisor with any changes in email addresses or phone numbers, check email at least once each day during the school year and respond promptly to the advisor.

Learning coaches with students in grades K-5 will be instructed on how to log attendance, grade and enter assessment scores and access progress reports for their students.  Grading of assessments and assignments for students in 6th grade will be completed by a Weber Online teacher.   Due to the fact that Weber Online Students are expected to reach required benchmarks in order to be promoted to the next course level, it is crucial that progress reports are monitored consistently for attendance and course progress.  Students are encouraged to complete 100% of each online course but must obtain a minimum of 80% completion to meet the requirements for advancement in Weber Online.

Student records will be kept at the District Office.

Utah Assessment Participation and Accommodations Policy

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require the participation of students with disabilities in state and district wide assessments.  In order for a student to receive accommodations during annual district assessments, there must be a current IEP or 504 plan on file that documents the need for those accommodations as determined by the IEP team or 504 planning committee and they must be accessing special education and/or related services at their neighborhood school or by appointment.

According to the Utah Assessment and Participation Policy the student with an IEP must also be provided those accommodations during any instructional period that necessitates their use throughout the year. An accommodation may not be used solely during assessment.

Weber School District is responsible for providing a free and appropriate education under the federal Individuals and Disabilities in Education Act. (IDEA) The Special Education Department assists parents in accessing and coordinating services pursuant to a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Special Education (SPED) services are available to students who have been identified with a learning disability.

Documents of the disability must be provided before enrollment in the special education program will be completed: a previous Individualized Education Plan/504 Plan and/or a psychological evaluation.

Options for related services should be discussed with the special education staff before a decision is made to enroll in Weber Online.  If your student has a current IEP, please contact Jennifer Warren at 801-476-7860 to ensure that accommodations will be appropriately provided.

If your student is currently receiving 504 services, those services should be discussed with a coordinator in our Students Services Department.  Please contact Jan Burrell at 801-476-7809 for more information regarding 504 Plan accommodations for Weber Online students.

Utah State Testing Requirements

As a public school in the state of Utah, we are required to participate in the following assessments (and any new tests that may be required):

  • DIBELS Reading Assessments for 1st-3rd grade students (fall, winter, and spring – by appointment)
  • SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) Testing for 3rd-6th grade (mid-April to mid-May)

These tests will be proctored by WSD teachers. Weber School District will inform the parent/guardian of testing dates and locations prior to the administration of the test. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to transport the student to the testing location at the appropriate date and time.

Behavior Expectations

Appropriate student behavior is essential to keep students safe and productive during District sponsored events such as assessments, outings and activities.  All Weber Online students are expected to abide by the guidelines for student conduct found in article five of Weber School District’s policy and procedures. 


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