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fully online learning experiences for WSD Students
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Register for Driver's Ed

If you are a Weber School District student in grades Kindergarten through 12 there are fully online courses available for you!

A growing number of students desire the freedom to work on school classes and credits in a different atmosphere than the regular school setting. Weber Online gives them the opportunity to choose the setting they desire to work in at the times that are convenient for them. In addition to the exceptional curriculum and supportive community, students enrolled in Weber Online also receive:

  • Ability to access curriculum anytime and anywhere an internet connection exists
  • Feedback and advice from teachers through e-mail and web-conferencing
  • A rich assortment of core and elective courses for middle and high school students
  • The opportunity to take concurrent enrollment courses in grades 9-12
  • The option to participate in athletics and other extra-curricular activities at their local school

Elementary students may enroll in a full-time online class by talking with the administrator at their local school. Elementary students remain enrolled at the local school in order to take advantage of school activities and special services but have a full-time Weber Online teacher for all of their course work. In Weber Online K-6 students work at their own pace each day, are required to attend one synchronous class meeting per week, and have the option of meeting with their teacher each day during “office hours” to ask questions or simply check-in.

Weber School District students may enroll in online courses through their counselor at their local school.  

Secondary students should work with their counselor at their local school to register for online courses. Students may take all or some of their courses through Weber Online in order to find a balance that works best for them. In Weber Online 7-12 students have 70 days to complete each course. They work at their own pace each day to progress in their courses and are aided by teachers and a built-in tracker that assist them in knowing where they should be within each course to be prepared to finish on time. Many students also take courses over the summer to either make-up credits or get ahead in their learning. Some of our most popular secondary courses include Driver’s Ed, Fit for Life, and General Financial Lit.

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